Participation in the IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology

Join us at the IEEE NANO 2024 conference in Gijón! As proud sponsors from the NESTOR project, we are thrilled to promote this landmark event, celebrating advancements and innovations in nanotechnology. The conference will feature a special “Women in Nanotechnology” event, highlighting the contributions of female researchers and fostering discussions on future trends and challenges in the field. This is a unique opportunity to connect with leading experts, explore cutting-edge research, and inspire the next generation of scientists. Don’t miss out on this exciting event! For more details, visit IEEE NANO 2024.

IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, Gijón (Spain), from 8th to 11th July 2024

Sponsored by the NESTOR project: IEEE NANO ( and also the special session WOMAN IN NANOTECHNOLOGY (

“The IEEE-NANO is the flagship conference series of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council (NTC). It promotes advanced research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Recent conferences were held in Jeju Island (Korea, 2023), Palma de Mallorca (Spain, 2022), Montreal (Canada, 2021), Virtual (2020), Macau (China, 2019), Cork (Island, 2018), Pittsburgh (USA, 2017), Sendai (Japan, 2016), Rome (Italy, 2015), and Toronto (Canada, 2014)”.

“The Woman in Nanotechnology Event aims at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the nanotechnology sphere. This gathering aims to address crucial topics involving the role of women in nanotech, fostering a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment and providing a unique opportunity to expand professional networks”.


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  • A. Carolina Moreno (CONICET); oral presentation: “Development and characterization of synthetic magnetosomes for synergistic therapy”; authors: Ana Carolina Moreno Maldonado, María Carmen Jiménez, Ignacio Molina, Ricardo Ibarra, Gerardo Goya
  • Marco A. Morales (CONICET); oral presentation: “Heterogeneous Fenton-like catalytic activity in core-shell wustite-magnetite nanoparticles”; authors: Marco Antonio Morales Ovalle, Elin L. Winkler, Enio Lima Jr., Marcelo Vásquez-Mansilla, Gerardo Goya