Participation in the IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology

Join us at the IEEE NANO 2024 conference in Gijón! As proud sponsors from the NESTOR project, we are thrilled to promote this landmark event, celebrating advancements and innovations in nanotechnology. The conference will feature a special “Women in Nanotechnology” event, highlighting the contributions of female researchers and fostering discussions on future trends and challenges in the field. This is a unique opportunity to connect with leading experts, explore cutting-edge research, and inspire the next generation of scientists. Don’t miss out on this exciting event! For more details, visit IEEE NANO 2024.

IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, Gijón (Spain), from 8th to 11th July 2024

Sponsored by the NESTOR project


Participation in the Bariloche Workshop on Condensed Matter Physics

Bariloche Workshop on Condensed Matter Physics, Centro Atómico Bariloche, Instituto Balseiro, San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina), 18th to 20th Dec. 2023

Book of abstracts

Verónica Ganduglia (CSIC-IPC); oral presentation: “Correlated cerium oxide surface Chemistry: When theory and experiment go hand-in-hand”; author: Verónica Ganduglia

Verónica Sánchez (CONICET); oral presentation: “Estudio teórico de las superficies (111) y (001) del Fe3O4 (111) and (001) y su reactividad con el H2O2”; authors: Verónica M. Sánchez, Pablo G. Lustemberg, Tomás Soteras, Darío A. Estrín, M. Verónica Ganduglia Pirovano

Participation in the XXIII Congreso Argentino de Catálisis

XXIII Congreso Argentino de Catálisis, XI Congreso de Catálisis del Mercosur, Salta (Argentina), 15th to 17th Nov. 2023

Griselda Eimer (CONICET); poster presentation. “Incorporación de sílica mesoporosa en fibras poliméricas como catalizadores híbridos para remediación ambiental”; authors: Benzaquén, Tamara B., Fuentes-García, Jesús, Viale, Fabrizio E., M. Paola Carraro, Martín, Marcela, Goya, Gerardo F., Satuf, María Lucila, Eimer, Griselda A.

Fabrizio Viale (CONICET); poster presentation: “Caracterización de materiales SBA-15 modificados con Mn: especies obtenidas y propiedades fotocatalíticas”; authors: Viale, Fabrizio E.; Fuentes García, Jesús; Goya Rossetti, Gerardo F.; Benzaquén, Tamara B.; Elías, Verónica R; Eimer, Griselda; Ferrero, Gabriel O.

Photo: Griselda Eimer

Photo: Verónica Elías & Griselda Eimer

Participation in the X Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations

X Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations, La Plata (Argentina), 4th to 6th Dec. 2023

Verónica Ganduglia (CSIC-IPC); oral presentation: “Assessment of density functional approximations for correlated oxides surface chemistry: The case of CO bound to CeO2 surfaces”; authors: Verónica Ganduglia, Pablo G. Lustemberg

Darío Estrín (CONICET; oral presentation: “QM-MM simulations using the ANI machine learning potential: assessment of embedding schemes”; authors: J.S. Grassano, J.A. Semelak, M.C. González-Lebrero, A. Roitberg, D.A. Estrín

Verónica Sánchez (CONICET); poster presentation: “Theoretical study of Fe3O4 (111) and (001) surfaces and their reactivity towards H2O2”; authors: V.M. Sánchez, P.L. Lustemberg, T. Soteras, D.A. Estrín, M.V. Ganduglia-Pirovano