Participation in the XXIII Congreso Argentino de Catálisis

XXIII Congreso Argentino de Catálisis, XI Congreso de Catálisis del Mercosur, Salta (Argentina), 15th to 17th Nov. 2023

Griselda Eimer (CONICET); poster presentation. “Incorporación de sílica mesoporosa en fibras poliméricas como catalizadores híbridos para remediación ambiental”; authors: Benzaquén, Tamara B., Fuentes-García, Jesús, Viale, Fabrizio E., M. Paola Carraro, Martín, Marcela, Goya, Gerardo F., Satuf, María Lucila, Eimer, Griselda A.

Fabrizio Viale (CONICET); poster presentation: “Caracterización de materiales SBA-15 modificados con Mn: especies obtenidas y propiedades fotocatalíticas”; authors: Viale, Fabrizio E.; Fuentes García, Jesús; Goya Rossetti, Gerardo F.; Benzaquén, Tamara B.; Elías, Verónica R; Eimer, Griselda; Ferrero, Gabriel O.

Photo: Griselda Eimer

Photo: Verónica Elías & Griselda Eimer

Participation in the X Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations

X Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations, La Plata (Argentina), 4th to 6th Dec. 2023

Verónica Ganduglia (CSIC-IPC); oral presentation: “Assessment of density functional approximations for correlated oxides surface chemistry: The case of CO bound to CeO2 surfaces”; authors: Verónica Ganduglia, Pablo G. Lustemberg

Darío Estrín (CONICET; oral presentation: “QM-MM simulations using the ANI machine learning potential: assessment of embedding schemes”; authors: J.S. Grassano, J.A. Semelak, M.C. González-Lebrero, A. Roitberg, D.A. Estrín

Verónica Sánchez (CONICET); poster presentation: “Theoretical study of Fe3O4 (111) and (001) surfaces and their reactivity towards H2O2”; authors: V.M. Sánchez, P.L. Lustemberg, T. Soteras, D.A. Estrín, M.V. Ganduglia-Pirovano


Participation in the XII Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials & their Aplications (LAW3M)

XII Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials & their Aplications (LAW3M), Puerto Varas (Chile), 16th to 20th Oct. 2023

Luis Avilés (CNEA); oral presentation: “Self-induced inverse spin Hall effect in disordered FePt thin films”; authors: J.L Ampuero, J.E. Gómez, A. Butera, L. Avilés-Félix
Alejandro Butera (CONICET); oral presentation: “Spin currents in Co/NM (Cu, Cr or Al)/Ni80Fe20 trilayers”; authors: Adriel Belmonte, A.A. Pérez-Martínez, D. Velázquez-Rodríguez, J.L. Ampuero-Torres, L. Avilés-Félix, J.E. Gómez, A. Butera
Enio Lima Jr. (CONICET); oral presentation: “On the mechanisms of heterogeneous catalysis by magnetic ferritenanoparticles for H2O2 decomposition in reactive oxygen species”; authors: Enio Lima Jr., Marco Antonio Morales Ovalle, Nahuel Nuñes, Teobaldo E. Torres, Marcelo Vásquez Mansilla, Dina Tobia, Martín E. Saleta, Gerardo F. Goya, Roberto D. Zysler, Elin L. Winkler
Daniela Valdés (CONICET); oral presentation: “Thermographical method to assess the performance of magnetic nanoparticles in hyperthermia experiments through spatiotemporal emperature profiles”; authors: D.P. Valdés, T.E. Torres, A.C. Moreno Maldonad, G. Urretavizcaya, M.S.Nadal, M. Vásquez Mansilla, R. D. Zysler, G. F. Goya, E. De Biasi, E.Lima Jr
Elin Winkler (CNEA); oral presentation: “Tuning the magnetic properties from the design of nanoparticles with onion-like architecture”; authors: J.M. Núñez, F. Fabris, E.Lima Jr., R.D. Zysler, M.H. Aguirre, E.L. Winkler
J. Rodríguez (CNEA); poster presentation: “Domain structure and magnetic characterization of Tb/Co syntheticFerrimagnets”; authors: J. Rodríguez, M. Guyon, L. Avilés-Félix, S. Auffret, R. Sousa, I. L.Prejbeanu, A. Bruchhausen, E. de Biasi, J. Curiale
Nahuel Núñez (CONICET); poster presentation: “Effect of copper content in magnetic and catalytic properties of ironoxide nanoparticles”; N. Núñez, E. Lima Jr., M. Vásquez Mansilla, F. Goya, A. Gallo-Córdova, M.P. Morales, E.L. Winkler
Daniela Valdés (CONICET); poster presentation: “Exploring the effects of size, anisotropy, frequency, and interactions on magnetic nanoparticle performance in hyperthermia applications”; authors: D. P. Valdés, E. Lima Jr., R.D. Zysler, G.F. Goya, E. De Biasi.
Carlos Díaz Ufano (CSIC-ICMM); oral presentation: “Manufacturing high magnetic response materials through environmentally friendly synthesis methods”

Marco A. Morales (CNEA); poster presentation: “Role of internal electron reservoir of heterogeneous Fenton-like reactions of iron oxide nanostructures with complex architecture”

Authors: M.A. Morales, E. Lima Jr., E. Winkler, M.V. Vansilla, R.D. Zyler

Our @Msca_NESTOR secondee Anthony Morales has presented nice results on the electron transfer mechanism in Fenton-like reactions at @ESM_School
in La Cristalera, Madrid (Spain); 13th Sep 2023

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